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Logical Office is a complete office efficiency system including CRM, but also with the essential features required to run any busy office. Install it, import your data, and use it right away.

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Office Efficiency

Improve Your Office Efficiency and Procedures

Efficiency is the invisible enemy you can't see, but you know it's there, when you finish the day feeling you could have done more. Every little job that takes too long nibbles away at your hours and before you know it the day is over.

This is particularly true if your data is not organised properly. A typical example of a disorganised office is one where customer (and supplier/prospect) data is held in many different files e.g. emails in the inbox, scanned documents in a windows folder, accounts information in the accounts system, letters in another windows folders, contacts in Ms-Outlook and probably a manual file as well.

This type of office is a "time-grabber" because every time you need to get a customer-centric view you need to access several files, searching each one separately. The searching process can take minutes, and may even fail if you can't find that vital email - usually when the customer is waiting on the phone for you to come up with the answer.

Logical Office works with Microsoft SQL or Access databases, two industry standard operating systems ideal for CRM and marketing.

Logical Office provide an data structure designed to suit business requirements and minimise searching and file access. So when you access a customer file you see all the documents in one place, including emails, file notes, scanned items and letters - without searching.

Using Logical Office's preview feature you can review the file one document at a time, without needing to open each document.

The data structure of Logical Office means you don't have to worry about where to put your data - simply add it to the appropriate file within the system. This is why Logical Office is installed in a variety of different market sectors with no loss of functionality, because the structural design is right.

To make it easy to get your data into Logical Office we've written an intelligent data import program which can read a spreadsheet file (.csv) and show you any duplicated data before you commit to importing it. Duplicates are detected and displayed so you can de-duplicate the data easily, ensuring clean data is imported.

So instead of struggling on with disjointed data in different places, why not bring it all together in Logical Office and you'll find you've achieved a lot more every working day.



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"It just saves time and money - even our clients keep commenting on how impressed they are with our efficiency" -- Jennie Tolmie, Partner, Griffin Stone & Moscrop

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