Beat MTD and Streamline Your Practice

Worried about the new legislation, adding more and more deadlines to your busy workload? Logical Office is the ultimate solution for accountants.

Our deadline-busting Workflows automate list-checking and sending client reminders. Stop fretting over stressful deadlines for Accounts, VAT, Payroll, Self-Assessments, P11Ds, CIS, Fixed Price Agreements, Monthly Management Accounts – in fact any recurring deadline.

The return you get financially is many times the low investment required.

It’s time to get off the treadmill, get organised and grow your business!

PAPERLESS OFFICE: Gets rid of paper & files your emails

Having your emails filed automatically for you saves a massive amount of wasted time – around one week per member of staff, taking into account manually finding emails as well as filing them.

The side effect of email auto-filing is that all your client correspondence is in one place,  regardless of who the email was sent to.

So you end up with the benefits of an electronic file, but the convenience and ease of use of paper i.e. you can quickly read through it one page at a time without opening and closing every document.

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT: Does your boring repetitive work

Why spend hours checking Excel spread sheets or other systems to see when reminders are due, then more time accessing each client to send reminders?This complete waste of time is eliminated by Logical Office Workflows which monitor each job and take appropriate action.

All your Year End Accounts, VAT, Payrolls, Self-Assessments and Annual Returns can be controlled by the computer, saving hours of your time and money – £12,000 for the first accountancy firm who used Logical Office for practice management (See case studies).

Because you might work differently to other accountants, you can customise Workflows to suit your operation. Program updates do not affect Workflows, so your investment in efficiency is protected.

FASTER ADMIN: Writes your complex engagement letters

Complex multi-options letters can be produced in seconds using our Paragraph Option feature when writing Ms-Word documents from templates.

The good news is that you can use our “off-the-shelf” templates immediately to produce engagement letters to the ICAEW standard, and we have an ACCA pack so you don’t have to waste time creating these.

Engagement letters can be pre-signed and sent as PDFs with a couple of mouse clicks, and next to no typing!

If you want to change the templates simply edit them, or create your own completely bespoke letters with their own questions and answers, so writing complex letters becomes a “doddle”.

EASY MARKETING: Keeps in touch with your prospects and clients

Most accountants don’t need to do marketing because they rely on “word of mouth”. However if you want to grow based on a more predictable form of marketing you can use the Logical Office mail shot programs to send targeted mail shots to prospective clients.

We provide a second database so you can keep prospects separated from clients. Typically you would not want to mix prospects with clients.

If you can write a series of emails or letters or even SMS message, then why not use a Workflow to send these out automatically. You don’t need to worry about when to send them, and which one is due next, because the Workflow takes care of that. Just add prospects, and let the computer take the strain. Ruthless, relentless marketing with no manual effort!

INTEGRATED ACCOUNTS: Records, manages & bills your time

Records your time either in real-time or by batch input. Our instant WIP report shows your exact financial position.

Show your work in progress for each job, time recorder and client.

You can bill time direct from recorded time with full control over write-offs and adjustments.

Even if you don’t charge for time it’s  vital to know how your staff time is spent and how profitable your fixed fee work is.

DATA MANAGEMENT: Integrates with your  SQL database

Logical Office can pull in data from your existing SQL database to avoid initial set-up effort e.g. IRIS, DIGITA, CCH, Taxcalc etc.

You can also convert documents from your existing systems e.g. Microsoft Office 365, INVU, Virtual Cabinet, DOCUSOFT etc

Linking to your existing SQL database means you don’t have to enter data twice. When you create a new record or change an existing record, the changes will be recreated in Logical Office’s relational database.

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