• Are you struggling to cope with Auto-Enrolment?
  • Don’t have templates set up for enrolments and opt-outs?
  • Does it take too long to work out who is eligible and who isn’t?
  • Want to get your employee records organised?
  • Are your systems too manual? or too complicated?
  • Want to solve AE problems without spending a fortune?


  • Our system comes pre-loaded with thresholds and qualifying amounts.
  • Eligibility is calculated for you – just enter dates of birth and salary levels.
  • Our standard templates make writing auto-enrolment letters easy.
  • Hours of wasted time are slashed and you don’t have to rely so much on staff.
  • Keep a track record of all employee communications. Emails are filed automatically.
  • You get warnings about re-enrolment/declaration deadlines and opt-out periods.

If your workers fit the criteria, they must be automatically enrolled in a Pension Scheme, and both employers and employees must make contributions on payday. Enrolled employees can opt-in within a fixed time frame. Workers already in a qualifying scheme do not need to be enrolled, and employers have to tell workers what’s going on and keep records.

Your Payroll system handles the pension contribution calculations.  The problem is administering the communication with employees and the pension provider, checking for eligibility, processing opt-outs within the required time period, keeping track of employee data such as birth dates, and making sure that re-enrolment is done on time.

Logical Office provides a private database for employees, to record the history of job-offers, salary reviews, disciplinary letters, sickness leave, holiday leave, CVs, training history, current addresses, employee identity data and who is the next of kin in case of emergencies. Auto-Enrolment is a vital part of this.

Logical Office streamlines the whole AE process. Simply enter your staging date, add each employee with their date of birth and current salary level, and the system works out the eligibility for enrolment, writes the appropriate letter, and reminds you when action has to be taken to declare or re-enrol later.

Letters or emails sent to employees or from/to Pension funds are kept in the employee file. Emails are filed automatically from your inbox, providing a complete audit trail with full compliance with AE regulations. The thresholds, and qualifying wage limits are already built-in ready for easy updating when inevitable new legislation becomes effective.

Using Logical Office’s relational database, you’ll see all the employees for any client, and be able to track communications between both the employer and the employees all from the same system.

Our flexible database means you can add your own screens, data fields, templates, mailing criteria to tailor any solution you require. Our Workflow “wizard” means writing your own Workflows becomes easy, or you can use our tailoring service.

However our “off-the-shelf” HR program is pre-loaded with AE data fields and templates, so you don’t need to do any tailoring to be up and running soon. You don’t even need to write letters – just amend our standard templates to suit your particular requirements and corporate image.

Our Workflows will write the letters for you and either print them or send them as PDF attachments. If you need to send a mail shot that’s easy too – just add a template and use our standard email program.

All communication with the pension provider is tracked, and you can scan documents direct to employee files or any associated accounts like Pension companies or IFAs.

Your action list reminds you when to update employee records, declare, re-enrol, review salaries, calculate bonuses, confirm employment after trial periods – anything!

Our new generation software makes complex administration easy and cost-effective, allowing you and your clients to get rid of all the headaches and wasted time caused by using manual systems, Excel spread sheets or inadequate software.

You can have a complete HR (Human Resource) and CRM system for just £80+VAT per month (two users), and if you handle payrolls for your clients, you can use the same system to process AE for clients -without limitation!

The bonus with Logical Office is that not only do you solve your AE problems, you get a complete CRM Practice Management too!

Discover how to really save time!