Logical Office for Commercial Companies

Logical Office cuts your overheads, and saves time which means greater efficiency and profitability.

You boost sales by doing marketing more effectively and using Workflows to keep reminding prospects of your services and to standardise the approach to sales.

Using a paperless office with document management means you don’t lose files, and everything is available in one place.

Gets rid of paper & files your emails

Having your emails filed automatically for you saves a massive amount of wasted time – around one week per member of staff, taking into account manually finding emails as well as filing them.

The side effect of email auto-filing is that all your customer correspondence is in one place,  regardless of who the email was sent to. So you end up with the benefits of an electronic file, but the convenience and ease of use of paper i.e. you can quickly read through it one page at a time without opening and closing every document.

Does your boring repetitive work for you

Why spend hours checking Excel spread sheets or other systems to see when reminders are due, then more time accessing each customer to send reminders?This complete waste of time is eliminated by Logical Office Workflows which monitor each job and take appropriate action.

This could be raising recurring invoices, scheduling maintenance visits, revising contracts, making sure sales calls are done on time – any work requiring follow-up actions to be done on time.

Because you might work differently to other companies, you can customise Workflows to suit your operation. Program updates do not affect Workflows, so your investment in efficiency is protected.

Raises invoices fast and chases for payment

With Logical Office’s built-in SALES LEDGER you can raise invoices in seconds in a currency of your choice and send them rapidly as PDF attachments.

Invoices can be edited using Ms-Word. Finding old invoices is easy because they’re all part of the customer history.

Unpaid invoices are chased by a debt recovery Workflow, so your cash flow will improve without wasting time chasing every invoice.

Streamlines your sales process

Keeping track of all communications is vital to the sales process and Logical Office does this by automatically filing emails when they arrive in your inbox.

Sales quotations can be created fast, edited in Ms-Word, and sent as email attachments direct from your prospect file.

Sales opportunities can be created on-the-fly and monitored using our analysis reports.

User action lists make it easy for sales personnel to follow up on time every time.

Does your mail shot marketing for you

Logical Office send a series of pre-written communications (email, letter or SMS text message) automatically at the correct intervals.

This means your marketing is persistent and effortless, creating new business by treating each prospect in the same way.  You also do manual mail shots anytime if required.

Adding new prospects can be done automatically from your web page or manually, and then assigning the marketing Workflow to them will begin the automated process.

Integrates with your existing SQL database

Logical Office can pull in data from your existing SQL database to speed up implementation.

You can also convert documents from your existing Windows directories or other systems.

Linking to your existing SQL database means you don’t have to enter data twice. When you create a new record or change an existing record, the changes will be recreated in Logical Office’s relational database.

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