FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

How do I get my data into Logical Office?

You can import data using two methods. Firstly, you can use a .csv file formatted to our import layout for quick and easy creation of organisations or individuals. Secondly, you can use our advanced import (eCommand Processor) which allows you to map fields, update custom fields with imported data, create actions etc. Third, we can set up an SQL script which copies data across from an external SQL database whenever you want. This is an ideal way to avoid having to enter data or amend data twice in two databases.

How does SMS messaging work? Do I have to pay extra for this?

We use TEXTLOCAL (www.textlocal.com) as our approved forwarding company. All you do is set up an account and buy some credits. Each text uses one credit, and they don’t expire. SMS messages sent from Logical Office are recorded in the client history, and you can use templates to send them fast. You can also merge data into SMS messages.

What happens to SMS replies? Do they get auto-filed in the client file like emails?

You can send SMS messages with the sender showing as your company name (or whatever you like) in which case replies are not possible. If you use your own mobile number as the sender then replies will come to your mobile, but they won’t be filed in the client file. If you set up a virtual mobile number with TEXTLOCAL then replies will be filed in your client file just like emails. There is a monthly charge for using the virtual number – contact TEXTLOCAL for more details.

How can I customise my system to do exactly what I want?

You can build your own screens and add new fields to the database easily in a few minutes. This means you can hold any kind of data and this data is available for searching. You can add new types of ACTIONS, EVENTS, PRODUCTS, PROMOTIONS, CURRENCIES, DIARY RESOURCES etc using the standard file maintenance programs.

You can add your own templates for letters, emails and SMS messages. Workflows can be written yourself, or we can write them for you. Logical Office is flexible and is used in a variety of different markets e.g. Accountants, Charities, Law Firms, Feed Suppliers, Publishers etc.

How do I pay for Logical Office? Am I tied in to any contract?

Our minimum term is six months paid in advance, after which your investment is a monthly payment by direct debit, but only if you decide to continue. After the first six months you can terminate by giving notice and you pay just one more direct debit payment following notice.

What happens to my data if I stop using Logical Office?

All documents held in Logical Office are stored in Windows directories in their original format. All the main data files can be exported to Excel spreadsheets, so no data is “locked-in” or held in any strange formats.

Can I have a free trial version?

We don’t do free trial versions because Logical Office requires the installation of an SQL database, set up of user files, and importing of user data, which normally requires our support and assistance. To find out if Logical Office is right for you, please view our online videos. If you have specific requirements or doubts about using Logical Office, please contact us to discuss your objectives and we will arrange a private demonstration where you can “drive” Logical Office yourself to make sure it works for you, without the hassle of installing software and importing data.

Which scanners can I use with Logical Office?

You must use a scanner with TWAIN drivers – which allow third party products like Logical Office to “drive” the device. There are many scanners on the market with TWAIN drivers and most will work fine with Logical Office. We use CANON scanners and have found that their TWAIN drivers are fully compatible. However we cannot guarantee that any scanner will be 100% compatible because the TWAIN drivers are not written by us, so they are out of our control. We recommend that you purchase any new scanner online, then run it with Logical Office immediately, and if there are problems you are entitled to return the goods within 7 days. If your scanner won’t work with Logical Office, you can still use it to scan documents and then drag and drop them into Logical Office.

How do I back-up my data?

Logical Office does not contain file back-up software because every site uses a different method of data security and Logical Office data should be part of your back-up procedures along with all your other data. You need to back-up the SQL database, and the file directory containing all your documents. Ideally your back-ups should be done daily to different generations. Online back-up has some advantages i.e. the data is not held on your site, so you don’t have to worry about data recovery if your site is damaged or your server is stolen, backups can be done overnight without your involvement, you don’t have to pay for back-up media, and you can easily check backups at any time.