Logical Office for IT Companies

IT companies often provide brilliant service to their customers but are not always as efficient as they can be.

If you don’t have an integrated CRM with email auto-filing you may be wasting time and compromising your service levels.

Logical Office is Windows 10 compatible and available as an in-house, cloud or hybrid option, so it may be a better solution for your IT customers.

You can adapt Logical Office to suit your requirements for automating any area of operation including fault reporting, renewal contracts, marketing and training.

Reduces paperwork & files your emails

Instead of wasting time filing customer emails you can get on with more valuable work.

The side effect of email auto-filing is that all your customer correspondence is in one place,  regardless of who the email was sent to. So no more searching for that elusive email while the customer is waiting.

Tailored SQL Database

You hold any kind of data in flexible custom screens built in seconds.

This data is merged into documents, emails, or SMS messages sent manually or by Workflows.

Your existing SQL database is linked to save maintaining two different sets of data.

Raises invoices fast and chases for payment

With Logical Office’s built-in SALES LEDGER you can raise invoices in seconds in a currency of your choice and send them rapidly as PDF attachments.

Invoices can be edited using Ms-Word. Finding old invoices is easy because they’re all part of the client history. Unpaid invoices are chased automatically to improve cash flow without manual effort.

Does your email marketing

You do one-off mail shots anytime but what happens when you need to do a series of mailers?

Logical Office’s marketing Workflow sends your output (emails, SMS text messages or letters) automatically at the right time.

Simply add new prospects, assign the Workflow and let the computer do all your marketing for you. Save time, make more money. Makes sense.

Streamlines your sales process

Logical Office makes it easy to produce sales quotations and send them rapidly.

Follow-up actions mean you don’t forget to make those vital sales calls.

Opportunities are tracked so you can see your sales pipeline and projected revenues.

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