PSC register database – now a legal requirement


  • No easy system for PSC Registration?
  • Using clumsy spread sheets to hold client data?
  • Current system doesn’t handle PSC data easily?
  • Don’t know how to easily update & maintain the register?
  • Don’t want to spend a fortune on yet another administrative headache?


  • Our off the shelf database comes tailored with PSC data fields.
  • Create new publishable registers in seconds.
  • Communicate easily with individuals to request data updates.
  • Find registrants easily and see a complete history of communications.
  • Conform to your legal requirements with the minimum effort

The Small Business, Enterprise & Employment ACT 2015 requires UK companies and LLPs to keep a statutory register of any persons with significant control over the company (PSCs).

This legislation became effective on the 6th April 2016. Companies will have to file details of PSCs annually to Companies House from 30th June 2016. The “Annual Return” will be replaced by this new “Confirmation Statement”.

This requirement is designed to make it easy to see who owns and controls UK companies.

Using Logical Office you can easily track PSC data for individuals and companies. Our standard Workflow for Confirmation Statements will remind you when to process the next submission.

If you need to correspond with any PSCs then using Logical Office templates makes this process easy because data is merged direct into any letters or emails sent.

You can maintain a PSC register, and get a complete CRM thrown in, for just £40+VAT per month.

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