Why pay people to waste their time?

Calculate 10-20% of your salary bill and it’s probably wasted due to inefficiency.

Inefficiency is invisible like many dangerous things (radiation, electricity, cancer) and it could be killing your business.

Logical Office solves inefficiency problems using streamlining techniques and Workflows.

Compared to salaries, Logical Office is economical.

You can even get it for free, if you fulfil certain criteria.

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  • Low price/high functionality.
  • Rapid ROI from greater efficiency/enhanced marketing.
  • Easy to use and deploy.
  • Flexible – adapts easily for different client requirements.
  • Attractive Look and feel.
  • Highly compatible with Ms-Office.
  • Good integration with external SQL databases.
  • Modular screen design takes advantage of larger/dual screens .
  • Excellent service reputation.
  • Low training costs and intuitive feel means faster take-up.


  • No contractual tie-in
  • Help desk support included
  • Program updates included
  • No termination fees
  • No file or transactions usage limits
  • No limit to number of user login accounts
  • Only pay for concurrent (logged in) users
  • Add users anytime
  • Multiple companies included


  • Minimum term 6 months (paid in advance) – no obligation thereafter
  • Easy monthly DD or CC payments after 6 months
  • Annual payment in advance option at 5% discount
  • One month cancellation notice period
  • Inflationary increases limited to 5% per annum

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